The Team

ANPA held its annual Luncheon Meeting on 17 August 2014 at Dr. Padam/Jyotsna Neopane's residence. A new ANPA board was elected by ANPA at the meeting. The ANPA board unanimously elected Dr. Lobsang Lhungay as its new President to lead the ANPA Board for the next two years. Dr. Bhupendra Wagley, the outgoing ANPA President highlighted the ANPA's past activities and handed over the portfolio to the newly-elected President.

  • President: Lobsang Lhungay, MD
  • Vice president: Binay Shrestha, MD
  • General secretary: Binod Shah, MD
  • Treasurer: Padam Neopane, MD
  • Membership Coordinator: Neela Shrestha, MD
  • Logistics/Publication Coordinator, RN
  • Event coordinator: Dron Gauchan,MD
  • ANPA Website Coordinator: Mr. Dhruba Khanal
  • ANPA IT Support Group: Mr Rupak Aryal, Mr Biswa Baral

  • Immediate Past Presidents:
  • Bhupendra Wagley, MD (2012-2014)
  • Rekha Hamal, MD (2008-2011)